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Lindeka Qampi (South Africa)
"The lens becomes as a mirror of my life."
The work of Lindeka Qampi, is the symbolic storyof a painful experienced individual who becomes collective suffering, in a clear and evocative representation of a female world voiceless on whose shoulders falls a heavy social burden. A path that, through her self-representation and the children (the child self), symbolizes the past and evokes a path of liberation and universal healing.

Sara Christensen (Norway/Denmark)
“I attempt to question the universal and existential through the familiar, without looking for concrete answers and solutions”
The physical materials I work with are chosen because they are interesting in terms of their potential for expansion and mutability. I find the space between objects, both abstract and physical, intriguing, and it informs my work with its different combinations of materials, meaning and form. Most of my works have a humoristic
angle, sometimes involving puns or wordplays, but with slightly uncomfortable undertones.

Linn Cecilie Ulvin (Norway)
“I have an insufficient acess to la guage, pictures and corporeality. The connections between them are chaotic and fragmented. Layers and traces cross each other. I systemize, and gather up a WE. I have a renewed need to initiate ways to start with a WE. We-I/I-WE. There has always been a we. There is always a we. There is always us.”
Linn Cecilie Ulvin is an author, fine artist and curator. Her work is essentially interdisciplinary. In her work she often explores combinations of fictional writing, performativity and visuality. This is expressed through text, installation, collage, performance, sound, photo and curatorial work.
Ulvin often works with studying power and control, abuser and victim, on a relational level and in society as such, and looks at what defines the borders for gender and sexual identity, through actions and ethic dilemmas which sets these issues in play. She is interested in how language and poetry can be used to construct and deconstruct domination and favoured identities.


Om kunstnerne i MINA / MEG utstillingen

Zanele Muholi
Zanele Muholi er en visuell aktivist fra Sør-Afrika og grunnleggeren av Inkanyiso. Hun har vunnet en rekke priser, senest den prestisjefulle Infinity Award for best Documentary and Photojournalism ved International Center of Photography. Hun har stilt ut bl.a på den 55. Veneziabiennalen (2013), Documenta 13 (2012) og Brooklyn Museum i New York (2015). I 2013 stilte hun ut på Kunstplass [10]s utstilling I See Rainbows og i februar 2015 på Akershus Kunstsenter.

Med sitt kamera forteller Zanele Muholi (1972) svarte lesbiske, homofile, bifile og trans- og intersexpersoners historier om kjærlighet, intimitet i Sør-Afrika. Hun synliggjør videre at hatkriminalitet er et stort problem som påvirker LHBTI-personers liv. Zanele Muholi har det siste året jobbet med en serie selvportretter med tittelen Somnyama Ngonyama ('Hail, the Dark Lioness’). Hun berører universelle tema og problemstillinger knyttet til selvrepresentasjon, rasisme, xenofobi, m.m.

Reportasje i New York Times (Oct 2015): Zanele's Transformation

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