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Human Rights Human Wrongs

The Human Rights Human Wrongs documentary film festival in Oslo, Norway is the only of its kind in Scandinavia. Over the course of many years, the festival has grown to be an important and significant forum in Oslo’s cultural, academic, and organizational life that engages and encourages debate about human rights. The festival’s offering creates a unique gathering place where the general audience, activists, experts, filmmakers, artists, students, and organizations meet as active participants.

Human Rights Human Wrongs is organized by the Oslo Documentary Cinema in collaboration with many human rights organizations and institutions. Almost 40 volunteers graciously lend their time and effort to the festival each year. The first version of the festival was organized in December 2008 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration. The festival in February 2014 is the 6th edition of the festival.

The film program, which spans over 6 days, consists of 15-30 documentaries each year. An introduction, debate, or Q&A is affiliated with almost every screening. The festival also facilitates an art exhibition, school screenings, with the goal of increasing human rights awareness amongst teenagers, larger debates, concerts and performances. The festival also organizes a seminar for Norwegian documentary filmmakers and relevant organizations and institutions, which brings up themes about the future of Norwegian social and political documentary and encourages collaboration between these groups.

The festival works to invite inspiring human rights activists and experts from all over the world to participate in the festival, who are important in driving the conversation forward, and in making ties with Norwegian human rights organizations and audiences.





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