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Aija Vinkelmane: ”Somewhere similar”, olje på lerret (125 x 155 cm)

About Aija Vinkelmane

Aija Vinkelmane (1984) is a painter working with oil on canvas. She has participated in exhibitions in Latvia, Portugal, England, Germany, France and Norway. In 2006 she studied painting in Portugal, Porto, Universidade do Porto, and in 2010 she graduated with a MA from the Art Academy of Latvia. In  2011 she did a residency in Paris at the Cité Internationale des Arts, where she did an open studio exhibition. In 2012 she had  an exhibition in Oslo in Pushwagner Gallery, Window Box.
Some of her favorite artists and influences are Frida Kahlo, Henri Rousseau and Francis Bacon.

  • Through my paintings I want to give the viewer a mysterious and surreal feeling.
  • In my paintings I am interested in creating an imaginary connection to the real world.
  • I believe every person is a home to a beast or a lovely animal, depending on his/her nature.
  • My work is about the dialog and relationship with this inner animal -- the true self -- and a fusion with nature, which can be both good and evil.
  • In my work you will find dualism.
      -- Beautiful can be ugly and ugly can be beautiful.
      -- Scary things can be tempting and things which should be beautiful can be repellent.

What is dream and what is real?

This exhibition represent several works I've done over this theme.





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