"Å PARADIS - Strategies on the Nordic Queer"

A contemporary art exhibition from 21 June to 19 July 2014

Opening of exhibition Saturday 21 June 15.00-18.00:
The exhibition will be officially opened by Anne Aasheim, head of the
Norwegian Art Council.
DJ CIPRALEX and other surprises.

Scandinavia is an outpost in the northern hemisphere with good economies and safe democracies. The Nordic countries are bound together socioculturally, historically and linguistically, and all have been experiencing a conservative-shift in politics the recent years. The exhibition is questioning what and where QUEER is in this landscape.

The exhibition will consist of works by several Nordic artists, a curated text collection, the Queer Archive at the University of Bergen and a live program with readings and artist talks.

Curator: Linn Cecilie Ulvin

Participants: Tilda Lovell (SE), Vanna Bowles (NO), Ester Fleckner (DK), Sara & Malou (FI), Grete Johanne Holten Skibnes (NO), Frode&Marcus (NO/SE), Mona Høvring (NO), The Queer Archive at the University of Bergen Library (NO), Mathias Danbolt (NO), and more.

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Side events organized by -kunstplass 5:

Sun 22 18:15-19:45 at Pride House

"Queer Archive" at the University of Bergen is a a pioneer in the Nordic context. The seminar will approach the archive as an idea and opportunity in an artistic context. What exactly is "queer" in the notion of a "queer archive" and "queer art"? You will meet Queer Archive in conversation with some of the participants in the exhibition Å PARADIS.

Participants: curator Linn Cecilie Ulvin (NO), ethnologist and project manager for Queer Archive Tone Hellesund (NO), historian and archive enthusiast Runar Jordåen (NO), art historian Mathias Danbolt (NO) and artist Esther Fleckner (DK).

Mon 23 June: 18:00-20:00 at -kunstplass 5

Presentation of text collection by Sara&Malou and readings by Mona Høvring and others.

About the participants: Sara Fredriksson and Malou Ziliaccus from Finland are feminists, actors, editors and archaeologists. Mona Høvring is an acclaimed Norwegian author.

Opening hours during EuroPride:
Sun 22 to Sun 29 June: 13:00-18:00. Saturday 28 June is closed due to the parade.

Opening hours after EuroPride: Wed-Fri 13-18 and Sat-Sun 13-16

The exhibition is supported by: Kulturetaten i Oslo, Kulturrådet, Fritt Ord og LLH.
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